Painted Chameleon Envelope

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Painted Chameleon Business Card

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I tried to make the business cards look like functional paint swatches.

Painted Chameleon Letterhead

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Painted Chameleon

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This is the logo I created for an interior paint company that had to have a reptile theme.

Recnac Gifts

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My mom had asked me to design this logo for her company. The "Recnac" (cancer spelled backwards) company creates gift that help aid in the cancer patients recovery.

Graphic Designer Poster

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For this poster I was to choose a famous graphic designer and, in his style, create a poster for an exhibit on his artwork at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Rexburg Temple

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Here is a visual metaphor I created substituting a lighthouse for the Rexburg Temple. And people say I'm not a deep guy.